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What To Expect If You Are Found Guilty Of A Cybercrime

punishment for cyber crime
If you were arrested for a cybercrime in Summit, NJ, call Zegas Law for a criminal defense consultation.

Some crimes occur virtually. This is also referred to as a cybercrime and if charged, could lead to some of the same consequences as a violent crime.

What is a Cybercrime?

A cybercrime is an illegal activity that occurs on the computer, or over the internet.

Types of cybercrimes might include the following:

  • Data theft
  • Identity fraud
  • Cyberstalking
  • Terrorism

This type of crime can lead to expensive fines and in some cases, jail. Additionally, while most types of cybercrimes will be handled by New Jersey, there are a few situations in which the federal government may become involved instead. If the crime involves a large amount of money, is considered organized crime, or if the crime goes over state or international borders, the local government may decide to involve the federal government.

Potential Consequences for Cybercrimes

The consequences you receive for a cybercrime will depend on the details of your case, including the degree of charges. Many cybercrimes are a fourth-degree charge. However, it may be increased to a third-degree crime if the damages go over $5,000 in charges. Additionally, a cybercrime may be increased to a second-degree charge if the information you access is confidential, such as medical or government information.

Cybercrimes that interrupt public services are considered a first-degree crime. You can expect the following potential consequences:

  • First-degree crime: Between 10-20 years in prison and up to $200,000 in fines
  • Second-degree crime: Between 5-10 years in prison and up to $150,000 in fines
  • Third-degree crime: Between 3-5 years in prison and up to $15,000 in fines
  • Fourth-degree crime: Up to 18 months in prison and up to $10,000 in fines

The state also has mandatory minimum prison limits. This means that anyone convicted of a first-degree cybercrime must serve a minimum of one-third to one-half of their sentence before they become eligible for parole. The state also does not allow you to merge crimes. If you are charged with multiple cybercrimes, you will have to complete each sentence minimums.

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Hire a Lawyer You Can Trust

Cybercrimes are relatively newer. This means you have to choose a lawyer who is familiar with them, as well as the available defenses. With prison time a possibility regardless of the charges you receive, it is important to reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. Most people don’t realize they are being charged with a cybercrime until the local cops or federal agents show up at their door requesting to take their computer equipment. 

Cybercrimes require a lot of evidence and it is also important to ensure that your rights are protected during this process. We have extensive knowledge of New Jersey’s laws when it comes to cybercrimes and we have the resources and knowledge you need. You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your future and to avoid jail time. We are here to help you consider your options following cybercrime charges.

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Contact an Experienced Middlesex County Criminal Defense Lawyer About Your Cybercrime Charges in New Jersey

Were you arrested or charged with a cybercrime in New Jersey? The consequences of a conviction could be severe, leaving you with a permanent criminal record and possibly even sending you to jail. That is why you need to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible about your case. The attorneys at Zegas Law have successfully represented clients charged with a cybercrime in Union County, Middlesex County, Morris County, Union County, and throughout New Jersey. Call (973) 379-1999 or fill out the online contact form to schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team. We have an office conveniently located at 60 Morris Turnpike, Summit, NJ 07901.

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