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Newark Criminal Defense Lawyers

Proven Criminal Defense Lawyers Get Results for Clients in Camden County, Burlington County and Throughout New Jersey

A criminal conviction can result in jail time, financial penalties, reputational damage and a lasting criminal record.  Regardless of the charge you are facing, the quality of your legal representation will determine the effectiveness of your defense.  Whether you are faced with a Newark DWI/DUI charge or need legal representation for a federal appeal, you need the strongest possible advocate on your side.

At Zegas Law, our Newark criminal defense lawyers have represented clients throughout Essex County and New Jersey for decades.  Our proven track record of success includes successfully defending clients in some of the most complex and high-profile cases in recent years.  We put the best interests of our clients first regardless of the charges you are facing. Our areas of expertise include all types of criminal charges, including:

Our lawyers match our legal strategy to your specific circumstances and goals to build the strongest defense possible.  To learn more about Zegas Law and discuss defense strategies in your criminal matter, call or contact our Newark criminal defense lawyers today.

We Represent Clients in All Newark Criminal Matters

When facing criminal charges in Newark, your defense lawyer’s experience and reputation is important.  Our criminal defense lawyers have established credibility within the Essex County criminal justice system.  Our reputation for developing forceful, effective defense strategies for every one of our clients precedes us into the courtroom and prosecution’s office.

Examples of the types of charges we have effectively handled in the past include:

At Zegas Law, we work with the best forensic specialists, investigators and other experts in the field to build your defense.  By building the most compelling defense possible in your case, we will put the prosecution itself on the defensive.

Your consultation with our Newark criminal defense lawyers is completely confidential.  Whether you have been targeted for a criminal investigation or have been arrested and charged, call our office to discuss defense options in your case today.

Skilled Newark Criminal Defense Lawyers with a History of Producing Results for Clients Across Essex County, NJ

Our top-rated criminal defense lawyers at Zegas Law have successfully represented thousands of clients in criminal matters over our decades of practical experience.  Our law firm and founding attorney, Alan Zegas, have a history of producing favorable results for clients across Essex County. In every case, our primary goals are to obtain a not-guilty verdict or have your charges dismissed or disposed of without criminal prosecution.

Our lawyers are here to:

  • Help you understand your legal rights if you are the target of a criminal investigation in Essex County,
  • Advocate on your behalf at all pre-trial hearings, including to get you released on bail or on your own recognizance as soon as possible,
  • Conduct our own investigation into what happened in your case, using our expert contacts and substantial resources,
  • Analyze the hard evidence and eyewitness testimony that the prosecution has relied upon to build the case against you,
  • Formulate the strongest possible defense strategy based on the unique circumstances of your case,
  • Keep you informed about every available option in your case,
  • Make sure you understand the consequences of agreeing to a plea or entering the pre-trial intervention program,
  • Forcefully defend your rights through all stages of the criminal process, including at trial before a judge and jury.

At Zegas law, we give every case the time and attention that it deserves.  We know that getting your lawyer’s advice should not be a challenge, so we make ourselves available to answer any and all questions that you have about your case progress. 

Call Our Trusted Newark Criminal Defense Lawyers for a Free, Confidential Consultation Today

Criminal cases can be impacted by what happens in the first hours and days after you are charged—in some cases, even before you are arrested.  Our lawyers are here to go to work from the start to get the best results possible in your case.

At Zegas Law, your reputation and privacy are important to us—even your initial consultation itself is kept completely confidential.  To schedule your free and confidential consultation with our experienced Newark criminal defense lawyers, you can call our office or fill out our online contact form.

About Newark, NJ

Newark is the county seat of Essex County, New Jersey—and is one of the busiest transportation hubs in the country.  Newark’s police department is city-operated, but in recent years, the New Jersey state police have increased its enforcement efforts in Newark and Essex County because of the city’s reputation for criminal activity.  The 1990s and early 2000s marked an era of historic criminal activity throughout Newark. Recent crime-prevention initiatives seem to be having an impact, however, as 34 homicides were recorded in Newark as of August 13, 2019 (an extremely low number for the city).

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense Options in Newark, NJ

FAQ: What is the No Early Release Act? Will it apply in my case?

The No Early Release Act is a New Jersey law that limits the availability of parole, or early release, for those convicted of certain crimes. The law usually requires the defendant to serve at least 85% of a prison sentence before becoming eligible for parole, regardless of behavior. The No Early Release Act typically applies in cases involving violent crimes, such as homicide, sexual assault, robbery, terrorism and others. The Act only applies to first and second-degree crimes. If your offense could subject you to the No Early Release Act, choosing a lawyer with skill and experience defending violent criminal charges is critical.

FAQ: Can I talk to anyone about my case if I have been accused of committing a crime?

It is best to refrain from talking to anyone but your lawyer if you have been accused of committing a crime. If the police or agencies are investigating, it is possible that they will try to talk to your family, friends and co-workers about what happened. Even if your friends and family do not want to implicate you, they might harm your case without even realizing it. Conversations with your lawyer are generally protected by attorney-client confidentiality.

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