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Morris County Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Morris County, NJ

Powerhouse Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight to Obtain Not Guilty Verdicts in Morris County, NJ

Experienced and strategic legal representation is key to minimizing the consequences of criminal accusations.  When facing criminal charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer with more than just a law degree. You need the best lawyer available—and this means a lawyer who is experienced with the legal process, the law itself and the tactics used by the prosecution to secure a conviction.

The Morris County criminal defense lawyers at Zegas Law have been successfully defending clients across New Jersey for decades.  In fact, we have been nationally recognized for our forceful and effective defense strategies. Regardless of the crime involved, we put all of our substantial resources to work for every client we take on.

At Zegas Law, we never rely solely upon the evidence produced by the prosecution.  Instead, we conduct our own comprehensive investigation into your case. Often, our independent investigation helps us locate valuable evidence that can be used in your defense.

If you or a loved one have been accused of committing a crime in Morris County, don’t wait any longer to call an experienced lawyer.  In any criminal investigation, even a few hours can make the difference between acquittal and conviction. A strong defense is based upon strong evidence—and the sooner we can begin work to locate all available evidence in your case, the greater our chances of finding that evidence becomes.  Call or contact us today to tell us what happened in your case.

Types of Morris County, NJ Criminal Cases Zegas Law Handles

In Morris County and across New Jersey, crimes are categorized based on the severity of the crime.  Criminal acts are characterized as:

  • Indictable offenses (or felony-level crimes), ranging from fourth-degree charges for lesser offenses to first-degree charges for the most serious criminal acts,
  • Disorderly persons offenses, which are a type of misdemeanor charge,
  • Petty disorderly persons offenses, which are criminal charges reserved for the least serious criminal offenses.

At Zegas Law, our criminal defense lawyers zealously advocate for clients accused of any type of crime.  We know that the consequences for even a “less serious” criminal conviction can actually be very serious.

At Zegas Law, we handle all types of criminal cases, including charges of:

Facing criminal charges can be frightening.  At Zegas Law, we handle every criminal charge against our clients using the full extent of our legal expertise.  Call or contact our office today to learn more about how we can help in your case.

Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyers Dedicated to Getting Results for Clients Accused of Crimes in Morris County and Across New Jersey

At Zegas Law, we are committed to building the strongest criminal defense possible for our clients.  Because every case is unique, we work tirelessly to form the custom defense that will be most effective based on the specific facts of your criminal charges.  We may be able to challenge:

  • How the prosecution obtained the evidence in your case, which can result in evidence being excluded from consideration,
  • The credibility of any prosecutorial witnesses,
  • The legality of the investigation into your case,
  • Law enforcement’s probable cause for a search, traffic stop or arrest,
  • Whether the prosecution has sufficient evidence to prove every element of the crime alleged beyond a reasonable doubt.

Call Zegas Law today to learn more about how we can build a customized defense in your case.

Schedule a Confidential Consultation with Our Veteran Morris County Criminal Defense Lawyers Today

If you have been arrested on criminal charges, don’t try to go it alone.  At Zegas Law, our top-rated lawyers are here to help you navigate the complex criminal justice system in New Jersey.   Whether you have been charged with a crime or are under investigation, call or contact our lawyers today for a confidential consultation.

About the Morris County, New Jersey Area

Morris County is located in New Jersey, about 30 miles west of New York City.  The population of Morris County is estimated at just under 500,000 residents, who enjoy the highest per capita personal income (at about $86,582) in New Jersey.  Morris County has also been ranked as the sixth-best place to raise a family by Forbes.

Morris County residents enjoy several lakes and waterways, including Lake Hopatcong, Lake Parsippany, Budd Lake and the Jersey City Reservoir.  Morris County is also surrounded by rivers—its boundaries are made up of the Pequannock River to the north and the Passaic River to the east.

Frequently Asked Questions About Morris County, NJ Criminal Defense

FAQ: Will I have to go to trial if arrested for a crime in Morris County?  

It depends on the facts of your case.  While many criminal cases do not go to trial, it can sometimes be advantageous to advocate for your rights at trial.  At Zegas Law, we work to have your charges dropped before trial if possible. Depending upon the strength of the prosecution’s evidence, however, they may only be willing to offer a plea bargain or reduced charges.  This allows you to avoid trial, but also requires an admission of guilt—meaning that you will face penalties and have a criminal record. Our lawyers can help you understand all consequences—both positive and negative—involved with any potential options for resolving your case.

FAQ: Is it better to accept a plea bargain to avoid going to trial if facing criminal charges?  

Again, this depends upon the facts of your case.  You should never accept a plea bargain without first speaking to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  Our lawyers have decades worth of experience evaluating the prosecution’s evidence in criminal cases. If the prosecution’s evidence is strong, we can help you understand the consequences of accepting a plea bargain.  However, the prosecution’s case may have holes even if you think that the evidence is strong. Our job is to identify those holes. In any case, our lawyers will help you understand the facts so that you can make the most informed decision possible about whether a plea bargain is the best option in your case.

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