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Morris Township Criminal Defense Lawyers

Morris Township Criminal Defense Team Successfully Represents Individuals Accused Of Drug Crimes, Assault, DUI, And Other Criminal Offenses

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime — drug possession, assault, DUI, or another criminal offense, you want someone by your side who cares about the outcome of your case as much as you do. And that someone is a criminal defense lawyer at Zegas Law.

Morris Township criminal defense lawyers at Zegas Law are passionate about protecting the rights of individuals who have been accused of crimes. In the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty and we are committed to aggressively defending the charges brought against our clients.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Advocate On Behalf Of Those Accused Of Crimes In Morris Township And Throughout New Jersey

The criminal defense lawyers at Zegas Law have protected the rights of those charged with crimes for many years. Our dedicated team advocates on behalf of the accused, holding prosecutors to the legal standard of proving our client’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys handle a wide range of criminal offenses including — but not limited to — the following:

If you have questions regarding the charge you are facing and what lies ahead in the legal process, arrange for a free consultation with a member of our team.

Charged With Assault? Dedicated Criminal Defense Lawyers At Zegas Law Can Help 

Assault crimes can be confusing; behavior can be misconstrued and intent can be misunderstood. That being said, a charge of assault is a serious crime and it is important to have experienced legal representation to defend the charge.

Dedicated criminal defense lawyers at Zegas Law represent clients who are charged with:

  • Simple assault
  • Disorderly persons offense
  • Assault and battery
  • Aggravated assault

Criminal Defense Attorneys Defend Clients Charged With Drug Crimes In Morris Township And Across New Jersey

If you or a loved one has been charged with drug possession, you want a skilled defense of the charges. Don’t hire just any lawyer; hire someone who is experienced and knowledgeable of New Jersey’s drug laws. Zegas Law has more than ten years of experience representing clients who were charged with possession of:

  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Unauthorized prescription drugs
  • Marijuana that is not authorized for medicinal purposes
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine

Morris Township Criminal Defense Lawyers Represent Clients Charged With Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Of Alcohol Or Drugs

If you have been pulled over by a police officer and asked if you have been drinking or taking any drugs, you are likely to panic. When you are asked to step out of the vehicle to take a sobriety test, you may be unsure of what your rights are, and feel completely overwhelmed. It is not uncommon to feel pressure to take a field sobriety test or to feel so afraid at being pulled over that you don’t know what to say or do.

Let us help. At Zegas Law, we are here to protect your rights, advocate on your behalf, and to provide a strategic defense of a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) or alcohol and drugs. Our knowledgeable team handles all components of DUI cases including:

  • Implied consent
  • Refusal to submit to BAC testing
  • Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels
  • DUI with a minor present in the vehicle
  • New Jersey’s zero tolerance laws
  • Installation of ignition interlock devices

Have Questions Regarding the Charges You Are Facing? Arrange For A Free Confidential Case Evaluation With Experienced Morris Township Criminal Defense Lawyers 

Do you have questions regarding the charges you are facing? Unsure of what your rights are? Wondering what happens next and what steps to take to fight the charge? Let us help.

Morris Township criminal defense lawyers at Zegas Law are skilled and experienced in handling all kinds of criminal charges. We have successfully represented clients for many years and we are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused. Our team is available to meet with you at no charge — we will answer your questions, review the charges against you, discuss the legal procedures, and explain how we can help. To arrange for your free legal consultation with a criminal defense attorney, contact our office.

About Morris Township, New Jersey

Morris Township, New Jersey is located in Morris County.  Of the crimes reported to law enforcement in 2018, the majority of the crimes in Morris Township were property crimes, with 202 reported. Crimes of larceny/theft followed, with 177 incidents reported in 2018. Violent crimes totaled 30 incidents reported that year, along with 19 crimes of aggravated assault. Reported burglaries in 2018 were 14, and there were 11 reports of motor vehicle theft. There were also 9 robberies reported to law enforcement in 2018, and 2 incidents of rape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense In Morris Township, New Jersey

FAQ: I was charged with a crime but I am innocent. Can’t I just represent myself?

While you are legally entitled to represent yourself in a court of law, it is not a good choice to do so, particularly with regard to a criminal case. Criminal cases may involve penalties that include jail time and that is not something to take lightly. Experience, knowledge of the criminal laws that apply in your case, understanding of court proceedings, and the ability to develop a strategic defense are just some of the many reasons you should not represent yourself in a criminal matter.

FAQ: What is a “bench warrant”?

A bench warrant is a type of warrant that is issued by a judge when a defendant fails to appear in court when called upon to do so, or when the defendant violates the rules of court in another way. A bench warrant can be used by the police to retrieve the defendant and bring them back to court.

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