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New Jersey Mortgage and Bank Fraud Lawyers

Veteran Defense Lawyers Advocate for Clients Accused of Committing Mortgage and Bank Fraud in Essex County, Union County, Morris County, Middlesex County, Bergen County and Somerset County, NJ

Mortgage and bank fraud are offenses that are taken especially seriously in New Jersey and throughout the country because of the significant role that certain mortgage and lending practices played in the economic downturn that impacted the entire nation beginning in the late 2000s. Mortgage and bank fraud are two distinct, yet closely related, forms of fraud that are prosecuted with harsh penalties and jail time—and prosecutors frequently use widespread public indignation over mortgage and bank fraud scandals to over-prosecute and attempt to attain the maximum penalties possible in these cases.

At Zegas Law, we have the skills and resources necessary to build an effective defense strategy in your case regardless of whether you have been accused of committing a single instance of bank or mortgage fraud, or whether the allegations point to a pattern of fraudulent behavior. In many cases, a New Jersey state or federal investigation will result in a complicated web of charges that accuses multiple parties of involvement in mortgage and bank fraud schemes. It is also important to consider that mortgage and bank fraud charges can be prosecuted in either state or federal court, making it critical that you retain a firm such as Zegas Law, where our attorneys have substantial experience handling cases both at the state and federal level.

We know that your professional reputation, financial stability and actual freedom are on the line, and our experienced North Jersey mortgage and bank fraud defense lawyers are ready to step in to craft the most compelling defense available in your case.

Put Our Experience to Work for You Defending Mortgage and Bank Fraud Charges in Northern New Jersey

While mortgage fraud charges are those specifically related to obtaining a mortgage via fraudulent means (usually through a bank), bank fraud charges can apply in any situation where the defendant has attempted to use fraud to obtain funds or any property owned by a banking institution. Mortgage and bank fraud charges can apply broadly, in circumstances involving:

  • Falsifying mortgage loan documents or refinancing documents, such as by providing false information about your employment or income level to qualify for a larger mortgage
  • Inflating property value during the real estate appraisal process
  • Failing to satisfy the relevant disclosure obligations that apply to mortgage lenders and brokers
  • Providing false information on a title or mortgage insurance application
  • Predatory lending practices

More generally, bank fraud charges can form the basis for prosecution in cases involving:

  • Embezzlement by bank employees or executives
  • Check forging
  • Falsifying bank records
  • Check kiting (generally, moving funds into a third account before the bank is able to transfer funds from one account to the next)

Importantly, a conviction for fraud that involves a bank can result in heightened penalties in some cases, including the possibility of up to 30 years in prison and $1 million in monetary fines.

Knowledgeable North Jersey Defense Lawyers with a Proven Track Record of Success Defending Against Mortgage and Bank Fraud Charges

At Zegas Law, we put in the hours and hard work necessary to analyze every piece of evidence in your case and understand that the body of evidence involved in these cases is often vast and complex. We isolate every piece of potentially exculpatory evidence so that we can build the strongest possible defense in your case. We will challenge:

  • The credibility of government witnesses against you
  • The strength and reliability of the prosecution’s tangible evidence
  • Whether you intended to commit any type of fraud, in some cases by challenging whether a reasonable person would have understood what the mortgage document was asking
  • Whether you were actually even involved in the mortgage or bank fraud alleged, or whether you were simply mixed up in the activity inadvertently, such as by operating a real estate business working with third-parties
  • Whether the government obtained evidence that it intends to use against you illegally

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Our substantial experience effectively defending clients in extremely complicated and high-profile cases throughout the years has given us the skills necessary to exploit any weakness in the prosecution’s case against you. If you are under investigation for committing mortgage or bank fraud in Morris County or elsewhere in North Jersey, call or contact our experienced lawyers as soon as possible so that we can go to work in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage and Bank Fraud Charges

FAQ: Why are cases alleging mortgage and bank fraud particularly complicated?

In some cases, complications may arise because these cases are often highly publicized, especially when a pattern of mortgage or bank fraud is alleged.  In many cases, the presence of multiple defendants will provide complications, but also opportunities to assert your innocence. In other cases, however, mortgage and bank fraud cases are complicated by the fact that additional serious allegations will accompany the initial fraud charge—such as mail and wire fraud, RICO charges, embezzlement, forgery, money laundering and identity theft. This potential for “stacking” multiple serious and complex criminal charges can result in the imposition of exponentially more severe penalties if convicted, making the advice of skilled and effective legal counsel critical to obtaining the best possible outcome.

FAQ: What if the mortgage company or bank knew about the false statements and made the loan anyway?

This is one instance where you can be charged with fraud even when the bank or mortgage officials knew that you were making false statements on your loan application—and even if the mortgage or bank officials actually encouraged you to make those false statements (for example, by falsifying your income to qualify for a larger mortgage). This line of reasoning is generally based upon the premise that you still knew the information to be false and used it anyway. If this is the case, our experienced lawyers are here to help build a strong defense in your case, which can involve ensuring that the employees involved in the fraud are held responsible to attempt to minimize the potential penalties in your case.

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