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New Jersey Lawyers for Federal and State Appeals

Talented Criminal Defense Lawyers Specialize in Federal and State Appeals in Essex County, Union County, Morris County, Middlesex County, Bergen County and Somerset County, NJ

Criminal cases are often complex and result in issues that can be resolved in any number of ways, which are often heavily dependent upon the advice of counsel at trial. Because of this, if you have been convicted of a crime, it is important to remember that you may still have options.  Both judges and juries make mistakes, and it’s possible that those mistakes were serious enough to have impacted the resolution of your specific case. 

At Zegas Law, our skilled criminal defense lawyers regularly handle federal and state appeals in the Third Circuit and throughout Northern New Jersey. We will closely analyze every aspect of the proceedings at trial to determine whether an error, irregularity or even constitutional violation may create grounds for appealing the verdict in your case. The federal and state appellate process can be confusing, and practice before the appeals courts is much different than practice at the trial level.  Because of this, it is important that you retain a lawyer with extensive experience specifically handling federal and New Jersey state appeals. 

Our lawyers have the specific knowledge and skill set necessary to successfully handle cases at the federal and state appeals level.  We know what it takes to craft a thoroughly researched and expertly written brief and our skills at oral argument on appeal are unparalleled in New Jersey—two facets of the federal and state appeals process that can be key to success. If you or a loved one have been convicted of a crime in Morris County or elsewhere in North Jersey, call or contact our offices for a confidential consultation to discuss the possibility of launching a federal or state appeal in your case. 

Grounds for Federal and State Appeals in Morris County, NJ Cases

Criminal cases can be overturned on appeal at the federal or state level for any number of reasons. Our skilled team of appeals lawyers will conduct an analysis of the evidence and arguments presented at your trial to identify any potential flaws in the lower court procedure.  Some examples of potential errors that can result in success in federal or state appeals include:

  • Misapplication of the governing law
  • Errors in the jury instructions
  • Sixth amendment violations resulting in ineffective assistance of counsel at trial
  • Fourth amendment violations resulting in an arrest that was illegal to begin with
  • Erroneous application of the federal rules of evidence
  • Use of inadmissible evidence
  • Improper application of the sentencing guidelines

Experienced Lawyers at Zegas Law Have the Specific Experience Necessary to Successfully Handle Federal and State Appeals in North Jersey

At Zegas Law, our dedicated federal and state appeals lawyers have the legal knowledge necessary to exhaustively research your case and craft the type of precise and incisive arguments necessary to succeed on appeal. We regularly argue before the New Jersey Supreme Court, in the New Jersey Appellate Division and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, and understand what is necessary to succeed on appeal. Our lawyers will:

  • Ensure that all of the strict timelines for appeal are met
  • Prepare and file the notice of appeal or application for appeal
  • Obtain and review all trial transcripts in your case
  • Analyze the lower court proceedings, including the circumstances surrounding your investigation and arrest, to identify any errors
  • Craft a legal brief and all related documents that builds the most compelling possible argument for appeal in your case
  • Put our extensive oral argument skills to work in arguing before the appeals court on your behalf

When your rights were prejudiced by an error or misinterpretation of the law at trial, your future and freedom can seem to hang in the balance. Our skilled lawyers are here to advocate zealously on your behalf to ensure that those errors are corrected during the federal and state appeals process in New Jersey.

Contact Our Experienced Essex County, NJ Federal and State Appeals Lawyers to Discuss Options in Your Case Today

When you have been convicted of a crime, you may feel that you have run out of options and now have no choice but to serve your time and handle the consequences. This is not always the case. The federal and state appeals process can be complex, but at Zegas Law, we are committed to identifying any errors that may have occurred at the trial level to influence the outcome of your case. 

If you believe an error occurred at trial or have questions about the possibility of appealing the lower court decision, call or contact our office to schedule a confidential consultation with our experienced North Jersey federal and state appeals lawyers to discuss options in your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Federal and State Appeals Process

FAQ: Why shouldn’t I simply use my trial lawyer to appeal my case?  After all, my trial lawyer already knows all of the facts of my case.

While it initially may seem smart to stay with the lawyer who is already familiar with your case, the reality is that many trial lawyers are unfamiliar with the federal and state appeals process in New Jersey. The general appeals procedure and even small details, such as formatting requirements in a legal brief, are different in the appellate courts, making it difficult for an inexperienced appeals lawyer to successfully navigate the system alone. In other cases, it may be an error on the part of your counsel that led to the conviction in the first place. It is always wise to consult with an experienced federal and state appeals lawyer in constructing your appeal. In some cases, we may even be able to work with your trial lawyer to build the most effective appeal strategy possible.

FAQ: What types of cases can your lawyers appeal at the federal or state level?

Our criminal defense practice at Zegas Law is wide-ranging, and so we can effectively handle all types of federal and state appeals, including appealing convictions for murder, sex crimes, internet crimes, drug crimes, weapons offenses, white-collar crimes, credit card fraud, identity theft and more.

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