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How to Tell If You Are Dealing with a Criminal Case

Someone who is facing criminal charges might quickly try to work out a deal with the prosecution to avoid a lengthy and tiring legal battle. While this may work for some, it is not always the most sensible option to consider. It is often better for a criminal defendant to hire a criminal defense lawyer to oversee the situation and provide legal advice on which steps the individual should take to reach a more favorable outcome. When the following situations pertain to you, consulting with a lawyer is crucial.

You Are Being Questioned by the Police

The police will often question people who they feel have some involvement in a specific crime. Even if you know you did nothing wrong, being interrogating is often intimidating, and it could cause you to feel like you need to confess to something you did not do. You do not want to confess or admit to doing anything wrong when being questioned by the police. If they do question you, let them know that you will not answer any questions without a lawyer present. You have a right to legal counsel. With your attorney in the room during questioning, you can avoid saying the wrong things and possibly incriminating yourself.

There Are Pending Charges Against You

When you have charges that are pending against you, things are getting serious. You may not know the full extent of those charges, but you know they are serious enough for you to end up in the county jail where you would need to get bailed out to go back home. If you have charges against you, do not waste any time getting in contact with an attorney. You need to speak to a criminal defense lawyer as quickly as possible to get help with fighting the charges and coming up with the right defense strategy that could work in your favor. You might have an alibi or statement from witnesses who know you were not there when the alleged crime happened.

You Were Already Arrested

If you were already arrested, it is likely because the police believe that you have something to do with a crime. They want to see if you are going to admit to participating in illegal or illicit activities. You should not admit to anything, even if you did do something wrong. Rather than agreeing to provide a statement to the police after your arrest, you can remain silent and wait for your attorney to show up. You will have private time to talk to your attorney and discuss your legal situation, including any involvement you might have had. Your attorney will then let you know the steps to take to get through this situation without incriminating yourself any further than you might have already done.

You might be dealing with a criminal case if any of these situations have occurred. Take criminal charges seriously because those charges could lead to a conviction that causes you to lose your freedom while receiving a lengthy prison sentence. Work on attaining an experienced criminal defense attorney who can provide genuine legal advice that will help you during a stressful time.

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