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New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal Defense Lawyer Somerset County

Even the mere accusation that you committed a crime is enough to create a sense of dread and panic about your future.  If you’re like most clients, you probably have a wealth of questions—will you go to jail? What impact will a conviction have on your future?  How will you earn a living and support your family? 

At Zegas Law, we understand your concerns and have dedicated our practice to providing unparalleled legal counsel to clients accused of criminal offenses throughout North Jersey. Unlike other defense firms, we have the skills necessary to handle your case every step of the way—from initial hearings all the way through to a vigorous appeal if necessary—and provide the seamless representation that can help secure your future.  We keep all of your concerns completely confidential, so contact us today if you have been arrested or even learned that you are under investigation for committing a crime.

Veteran Criminal Defense Lawyers Handle All Types of Criminal Cases in Somerset County, NJ

Over the years, attorney Alan L. Zegas and his team of associates and support staff have focused on a broad range of criminal defense practice areas, and we have the experience necessary to successfully defend clients both at the state and federal levels.  Our practice areas include:

  • DUI/DWI.  A DUI/DWI conviction can have a significant impact on your life in the form of fines, jail time and your freedom of movement.  Many clients mistakenly believe they cannot challenge a DUI/DWI based on a breath test in New Jersey—our skilled lawyers are here to prove otherwise.
  • Drug crimes.  Charges of manufacturing, trafficking, distributing or even possessing a small amount of an illegal drug—including marijuana—can carry lasting repercussions, including the need to disclose your criminal record at every future turn.
  • Federal drug charges.  The federal government takes drug charges seriously—and so should you.  When you’ve been accused of committing a federal drug crime, you need a lawyer who understands the intricacies of the federal court system by your side to defend your rights.
  • Weapons and gun crimes.  New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the country—even the simple act of taking your gun out of your home without a proper permit can result in serious weapons charges and mandatory jail time under the Graves Act.
  • Domestic violence.  New Jersey courts take allegations of domestic violence seriously and so should you—conviction can result in imposition of a permanent restraining order restricting your freedoms, in addition to fines and jail time for the underlying offense.
  • Restraining orders.  Restraining orders can do much more than simply restrict your ability to interact with a single person—they can hinder your freedom of movement generally, eliminate your right to possess a firearm and even limit your interactions with your children.
  • Terroristic threats.  Many people mistakenly believe that simply making a threat cannot result in a criminal accusation.  In some cases, however, simply threatening to harm another physically can result in up to five years in prison even without concrete action to follow through on the threat.
  • Juvenile crimes. Conviction as a juvenile can color your child’s entire future—at a time when the juvenile might not fully comprehend the consequences of his or her actions.  Our skilled criminal defense lawyers are committed to taking all measures to minimize future consequences and help keep your child on the path to a bright future.
  • Shoplifting.  Shoplifting charges can range from the relatively minor to the very severe—depending upon the value of the item stolen.  Regardless, you need a skilled defense lawyer to avoid the damage that a shoplifting conviction can cause to your personal and professional reputation.
  • Sex crimes.  Even the mere accusation that you have committed a sex crime must be taken with the utmost seriousness and can cause substantial damage to your reputation and relationships.
  • Sexual assault.  Conviction for sexual assault will haunt you for decades after you have completed all relevant punishment—registration requirements will impede your freedom of movement, and you may find it difficult to find any employment at all, let alone employment in the field in which you are trained.
  • Child pornography.  Like sex crimes, allegations that you are involved with child pornography in any way can be devastating to your reputation, your relationships and your future freedoms.
  • Pre-trial intervention.  The New Jersey courts understand that good people sometimes make mistakes, and have developed a pre-trial intervention program that can allow certain first offenders to avoid formal conviction in some cases.
  • Assault.  Assault can be aggravated or simple, depending upon the circumstances.  Like other violent crimes, however, an assault conviction can lead to jail time, significant monetary fines and a permanent criminal record.
  • Violent crimes.  Violent crimes such as robbery, assault, battery, and even murder can carry some of the harshest punishments under the law.  In most cases, the consequences of a conviction will be permanent, making the advice of a skilled defense lawyer critical.
  • Internet crimes. If you’re accused of committing an internet crime, you need a lawyer who understands both the potential federal and state aspects of these crimes, which often involve hacking, illegal gambling, sale of illegal products or even child pornography and harassment.
  • Identity theft.  In today’s digital world, crimes involving identity theft are being prosecuted much more frequently, and with much greater intensity, than ever before.
  • Federal and state appeals.  Mistakes are made at trial all the time, meaning that you may find it necessary to appeal your decision to the federal or state appellate courts.  We have the skills necessary to handle both your federal and state appeals.
  • White collar crimes.  Cases involving federal white collar crimes can be particularly complex, and require the guidance of an attorney with our significant skills to navigate successfully—especially considering that the consequences of a white collar conviction can be just as damaging as in the case of violent crimes.
  • Fraud.  Our firm has successfully helped clients who have been accused of various types of fraud, including insurance fraud, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, wire and mail fraud, and credit card fraud.
  • Money laundering.  Allegations of money laundering are commonly used to lead the prosecution to other underlying crimes, and are almost always complicated.  Because of the harsh penalties involved, you need the best possible lawyer by your side to advocate on your behalf.
  • Tax fraud and evasion. Tax fraud and evasion cases can have far-reaching penalties, partially because of the reach of the IRS itself.  Both your financial future and your physical freedom could be at risk.
  • Theft and embezzlement. Although crimes such as theft and embezzlement may seem much less serious than violent offenses, a conviction can threaten both your physical freedom and your future career prospects.

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At Zegas Law, our dedicated team of criminal defense lawyers and support staff take a vested interest in obtaining the best possible outcome in your case—whether that involves negotiating reduced charges, building a strong and smart defense for trial or even developing the evidence necessary to argue for a dismissal.  We handle every aspect of your defense, from investigating your case to gather evidence and poke holes in the prosecution’s strategy to advocating vigorously on your behalf at trial. If you have been arrested or accused of a crime, call or contact our office today for a confidential consultation with our experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense Strategies

FAQ:  Why do I need a defense lawyer if I’m only being investigated for a crime, and haven’t yet been arrested? 

It’s important that your defense team has the opportunity to begin conducting their own investigation as soon as possible to build the strongest possible defense in your case.  We want to access all available evidence that the prosecution may use against you while it is fresh and before the prosecution has even conclusively built their case so that we can jump into action to challenge your charges as soon as possible.

FAQ: My charge seems relatively minor, and shouldn’t result in jail time.  Why shouldn’t I just pay the fine and move on with my life?

Even if you are charged with a minor crime and it was simply a case where you made a mistake, it’s important to retain a strong criminal defense lawyer to challenge the allegations.  Importantly, if you are ever arrested again in the future, that past “minor” crime will be on your record to influence how your subsequent case is handled. In many minor cases involving first offenders, we can take advantage of pre-trial intervention and other diversionary programs in New Jersey to avoid conviction altogether.

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