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How Can a Felony Conviction Affect My Career?

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The Impact of a Felony Conviction in NJ

Potential jail time is not the only risk that comes with a felony. If you are convicted of a felony, not only could you spend time in jail, but you could also lose your career. It doesn’t matter if you are working toward a career or you have already developed years of experience, a felony charge can make it impossible to pursue certain careers.

Ways a Felony Charge Impacts Your Career

Being convicted with a felony can affect your career in many ways, which include:


Felony charges can prevent you from receiving financial assistance during college. A felony charge will often make you ineligible for federal loans or Pell grants. Whether or not you serve jail time does not affect this eligibility. Additionally, if you are already enrolled in school, you may lose your financial assistance, meaning you are forced to come up with the tuition on your own. In some cases, felony charges can also make it difficult to also maintain private funding or even scholarships if news of your felony makes it out.

Loss of Job

Employers have the option to remove you from your position if you are convicted of a felony. Additionally, felony charges will often require jail and court time, which could pull you from your job responsibilities. Even if your employer does not remove you from your position because of the felony charge, they could do so because of your extended time away from work.

Loss of Licensing

Careers that require a license to work can also be affected following a felony charge. Because there are a lot of careers that require licenses including cosmetology, psychology, home contractors, and real estate agents, a felony charge can impact many careers. In fact, many licensing boards require members to notify them in the event of a felony. If you are convicted of a felony charge before applying for licensure, you will also find it difficult to complete the necessary requirements.

Background Checks

Any career that requires a background check could also be a problem when convicted with a felony. Most felonies will show up on your background check, providing the individual with details about your charge. Employers have the right to not hire you if you do not have a clean record. While some employers may still choose to hire individuals with a criminal background, these careers are often harder to find.

Your Options When Facing a Criminal Charge

Felonies carry many risks that can affect you financially, legally, emotionally, and career-wise. If you are being charged with a felony, you can’t afford to ignore it. Now is the time to take action and consider your options. You may be able to plead a reduced sentence, which means the removal of a felony from your record.

Some prosecutors will also allow you to reduce charges in lieu of addiction classes or probation. Keep in mind though, once you agree to a felony charge with the prosecutor, it will be much more difficult to fight it. It is important to take action as soon as possible.

Contact an Experienced Irvington Criminal Defense Lawyer About Your Felony Charges in New Jersey

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