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Somerset County Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Somerset County, NJ

Nationally Recognized Criminal Defense Lawyers Represent Clients Facing Criminal Charges in Somerset County, NJ

Facing criminal charges in Somerset County means facing a loss of freedom, financial insecurity and even damage to your personal and professional relationships.  If convicted, your criminal record can follow you for years—jeopardizing your ability to earn a living and find housing. Most frightening of all is the fact that most people lack the specific legal knowledge necessary to fight back and protect their rights.

At Zegas Law, our lawyers are here to advise and defend you every step of the way through the criminal process.  From investigation or arrest through to the resolution of your case, we put decades of experience to work in negotiating and arguing on your behalf.  We know how the prosecution works and thinks—because we have successfully gone up against them hundreds of times already.

Throughout the criminal process, there are many points at which we may be able to secure a favorable resolution.  In other words, our defense lawyers don’t wait until trial to begin defending our clients. We take every available opportunity to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and advocate for dropped or reduced charges.  Importantly, we never suggest that our clients accept a plea or case resolution that isn’t the very best outcome available—and we work tirelessly to build a case that supports that best possible outcome.

Your future and freedom are too important to choose a defense lawyer lacking in experience.  To schedule your free and confidential consultation, call or contact the trusted Somerset County criminal defense lawyers at Zegas Law today.

Examples of the Somerset County, NJ Criminal Cases We Handle

At Zegas Law, we have dedicated our careers to defending clients facing criminal charges in New Jersey—so we have the experience needed to handle a wide range of criminal cases.  We also handle appeals at the New Jersey state and federal level. Examples of the types of cases we handle include:

  • DUI/DWI.  Even a first offense DUI/DWI carries significant penalties under New Jersey law.  Our lawyers are skilled in building defense strategies that can help you avoid conviction.
  • Violent crimes.  Violent crimes, including sex crimes and domestic violence cases, carry some of the most severe and lasting penalties imposed in New Jersey.  Our lawyers are committed to building the strongest possible defense with the primary goal of clearing your name.
  • Drug crimes.  Possession, distribution, trafficking and drug manufacturing of any type of illegal drug can lead to jail time, monetary fines and a criminal record.  Even simple possession of a prescription drug or a small amount of marijuana requires expert legal advice.
  • Weapons charges.  New Jersey has some of the harshest weapons laws in the country, especially with respect to guns.  To avoid mandatory jail time, you need a lawyer who understands the intricacies of the state weapons charge laws to fight on your behalf.
  • Juvenile crimes.  Conviction for a juvenile crime can color your child’s entire future.  Our lawyers are passionate about focusing on rehabilitation to give your child the best chance of avoiding a criminal record.

Our firm also handles expungements to help clients clear their names after an arrest or conviction.  Regardless of your specific situation, we leave no stone unturned in exploring every possible option to secure your future.

Our Skilled Somerset County, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers Stand by Clients Through Every Phase of the Criminal Process

Our lawyers have a detailed understanding of every phase of the New Jersey criminal process.  We stand by our clients through all of these phases. We also work to make sure you know what to expect throughout the process, including:

  • Investigation,
  • Questioning,
  • The arraignment,
  • Bail hearings,
  • Preliminary hearings,
  • Jury selection,
  • Motion practice, where we can work to have evidence excluded or move to dismiss the case,
  • Trial before state and federal judges (bench trials)
  • State and federal jury trials,
  • Appeals at the state and federal level.

At every phase of a criminal case comes the opportunity to advocate on your behalf.  We seize on those opportunities to provide the most effective criminal defense possible.  

Schedule a Confidential Consultation with a Somerset County Criminal Defense Lawyer Dedicated to Building a Compelling Defense in Your Case

When it comes to building the most compelling criminal defense, you can never have too much experience in your corner.  The skilled Somerset County criminal defense lawyers at Zegas Law have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to build your case and protect your rights. 

To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss options in your case, you can call our office or fill out this online contact form.

About the Somerset County, NJ Area

Somerset County boasts the second-highest per capita income in New Jersey and is considered a part of the New York metropolitan area.  It is also one of the oldest counties in the country. Somerset County was initially settled in 1681 and was established as a county in 1688.

Geographically, Somerset County currently consists of about 300 square miles of land and 3 square miles of water. While Somerset County originally grew in population as it became popular with wealthy industrialists, the county today is home to many pharmaceutical executives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Somerset County, NJ Criminal Defense

FAQ: What should I do if I learn there is a warrant out for my arrest?  

Speak to an experienced criminal defense lawyer immediately.  While we will go to work to investigate your case even before you have been arrested, it may be a smart move to arrange a surrender to the police.  This can save you the significant embarrassment of an arrest, which could be made at your home, office or a public place. At Zegas Law, we will help you understand the potential consequences of all available options and work to minimize the negative consequences of an arrest.

FAQ:  I suspect that I am being investigated for committing a crime.  Do I need a criminal defense lawyer if I have not been arrested?  

Yes.  If you even suspect that you are the subject of an investigation, call us today so that we can begin working on our own investigation immediately.  We will work to determine what type of evidence the prosecution has and the specific criminal charges under consideration. Depending upon the circumstances, it may be possible to avoid arrest and formal charges altogether.

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