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New Jersey Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Veteran Commercial Litigation Lawyers Advocate for Clients Inside and Outside of the Courtroom in Essex County, Union County, Morris County, Middlesex County, Bergen County and Somerset County, NJ

Commercial litigation is a field that requires an in-depth understanding of a wide range of legal issues, from insurance and tax to complex business arrangements.  To successfully resolve your matter, you also need the support of a lawyer who is skilled in advocacy both inside and outside of the courtroom in order to resolve your business dispute in the most advantageous manner possible. At Zegas Law, our experienced commercial litigation lawyers have the skills necessary to effectively get results from all types of clients, from individuals and small business owners to multinational corporations.  While we always use our well-honed negotiation skills to resolve your commercial litigation matter outside of the courtroom if preferable, our talented litigators stand ready to advocate on your behalf at trial. 

We take a holistic approach in all commercial litigation matters, which means considering all facets of a client’s business and goals in developing our strategy in any particular case.  We have built our track record of success both in and out of the courtroom over decades of applying this philosophy for our clients throughout Northern New Jersey. Our lawyers advocate for clients in both state and federal court, at the appellate level and through the use of alternative dispute resolution procedures so call or contact our office to learn more about how we can help in your commercial litigation matter.

Experienced in Handling a Broad Range of Commercial Litigation Matters 

The field of commercial litigation encompasses a wide range of financial and business disputes that require the guidance of a lawyer skilled in applying the law to a diverse set of circumstances.  At Zegas Law, we regularly and successfully provide strong legal advocacy for clients on a broad range of commercial litigation matters, including cases involving:

  • Breach of contract, fraud, and misrepresentation in business dealings,
  • Corporate or partnership disputes,
  • Commercial real estate disputes,
  • Estate litigation,
  • Employment disputes,
  • Copyright and trademark disputes,
  • Unfair competition claims,
  • Business torts,
  • Restrictive covenants or non-compete agreements,
  • Collections,
  • Breach of fiduciary duties,
  • Business dissolution,
  • Class actions.

Zegas Law Advocates for Innovative and Advantageous Solutions in Commercial Litigation Matters Throughout North Jersey

At Zegas Law, our approach to commercial litigation matters recognizes the fact that every business and business transaction is unique, so we strive to provide individually tailored guidance and personalized support to every one of our clients in our commercial litigation practice.  We always provide our honest and straightforward opinions about the likelihood of success that any given strategy presents and take the time to ensure our clients understand every potential consequence that a course of action could produce.

Our experience has taught us that rushing to trial in every case can produce disadvantages that can, in some cases, far outweigh the potential benefits in terms of time, money and negative publicity.  Importantly, however, our reputation for success at trial has helped us develop a reputation for relentless and effective advocacy in the courtroom–a reputation that we can use in our favor to reach an expedient and advantageous outcome for our clients without even resorting to full-on trial.  When you choose Zegas Law, expect that we will:

  • Conduct a full investigation and evaluation of the circumstances to gain a detailed understanding of the case at hand,
  • Work with you to ensure you have a full understanding of all available strategic positions so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed based upon your unique goals,
  • Skillfully advocate on your behalf via settlement conferences, arbitration or mediation if advisable in your case,
  • Complete and file all necessary documentation and paperwork,
  • Work with witnesses and use our substantial contacts to retain the most well-respected expert witnesses as applicable in your case,
  • Provide a strong and compelling argument on your behalf at trial if necessary.

We also regularly work with clients who have obtained an unfavorable outcome and wish to engage our effective legal advocacy to mount an appeal.

Schedule a Confidential Consultation to Discuss Options with Our Tenacious Essex County, NJ Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Our founding attorney, Alan L. Zegas, has established a well-founded reputation for exceptional legal advocacy in commercial litigation matters at both the New Jersey state and federal level.  He has the skills and dexterity necessary to successfully navigate even the most complex and high-profile of commercial litigation matters and has built a practice with the resources necessary to provide the highest possible quality legal representation.  To schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your commercial litigation matter, call or contact our offices today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Litigation Matters

FAQ: How long does it take to resolve a commercial litigation matter? 

As in many cases, the answer to this question depends heavily upon the specific case and the client’s goals.  We may be able to resolve some issues successfully via negotiation or alternative dispute resolution processes, and these cases resolve more quickly than those that require formal trial for successful resolution.  If trial becomes necessary, the court calendar and availability of witnesses will come into play to impact the time necessary for resolution—and the time period involved is only magnified for commercial litigation matters on appeal.  In all cases, our experienced lawyers work with you so that we understand your goals—for example, if expedient resolution is a primary objective, we can employ a strategy designed to resolve the case more quickly.

FAQ: What should I look for in a commercial litigation lawyer? 

In addition to significant and successful experience in the courtroom, it is important to look for a commercial litigation lawyer with a diverse and broad range of experience.  Commercial litigation matters may involve both criminal and civil issues, application of the law to a unique and complex set of facts and even the involvement of parties in different jurisdictions, such as in cases involving multi-state business disputes.  You should also value the advice of a lawyer who is committed to working with you to thoroughly understand all of your goals in engaging in commercial litigation in the first place to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

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