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Essex County Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Essex County, NJ

Talented Criminal Defense Lawyers Advocate for Clients Accused of Crimes in Essex County and Across New Jersey

Although it may seem that any defense lawyer can handle your case, choosing the right criminal defense lawyer is actually the most important decision you will make if facing criminal charges in Essex County.

At Zegas Law, we offer a unique combination of small-firm attention and big-firm experience and resources.  We have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases throughout New Jersey and around the United States—and we have been widely recognized for our skillfully crafted defense strategies. 

However, our proven track record of success is best demonstrated through our satisfied clients for whom we have gained positive results in real-life cases.  We are proud to act as unrelenting advocates to get the best possible results for our clients regardless of the complexity of a given case.

We handle cases at both the federal and state level, including appeals.  Our Essex County criminal defense lawyers are also experienced in building effective strategies to appeal a lower court conviction.  To learn more about our law firm and potential legal strategies for your specific case, call Zegas Law or contact us online today.

Zegas Law Represents Clients Facing All Levels of Criminal Charges in Essex County, NJ

At Zegas Law, our experienced criminal defense lawyers have experience handling an extremely wide range of criminal cases—from indictable crimes to disorderly persons offenses and even federal crimes. 

For example, our firm handles:

  • White collar defense.  White collar criminal cases are complicated by several factors—one of which is that they are often prosecuted at the federal level.  In many white collar cases, the prosecution will have gathered a substantial amount of evidence before filing charges. When faced with charges such as tax fraud and evasion, money laundering, theft and embezzlement, and more, you need a lawyer who can act quickly to get the best outcome possible.
  • Violent crimes.  A conviction for a violent crime can remain on your criminal record permanently.  With sex crimes, you might even face registration requirements that make it difficult to find housing or a job.  Even the mere accusation that you have committed a violent crime can ruin your reputation. Our lawyers are committed to exploring every possible defense strategy that could clear your name and protect your freedom.
  • Juvenile crimes.  In New Jersey, juvenile crimes are handled differently than accusations against adults.  The focus is on rehabilitation rather than punishment. Our lawyers know how important it is to protect your child’s future.  We also understand the significance of a court decision to prosecute your child as an adult and will fight tirelessly to secure your child’s future.
  • DUI/DWI cases.  Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is punished harshly in New Jersey courts.  One DUI/DWI conviction can leave you without transportation and facing significant monetary fines, if not jail time.  We are skilled in exploring all available defenses to minimize the consequences of your arrest.
  • Drug charges.  Drug charges in New Jersey can range from minor, misdemeanor-level offenses to serious felony crimes with significant jail time.  Our lawyers understand the intricacies of both state and federal drug charges and are experienced in handling these cases.
  • Weapons charges.  New Jersey takes weapons offenses, especially gun charges, extremely seriously.  The Graves Act now mandates minimum prison sentences in many firearm cases—even if you lawfully owned the gun.  Our lawyers will explore every possible defense strategy and can explain the possibility of obtaining a Graves Act waiver in certain cases.

We also handle cases involving internet crimes, identity theft, terroristic threats and more.  To discuss your charges with our full-service criminal defense lawyers, call us today.

Why Choose Zegas Law to Build a Compelling Criminal Defense in Your Essex County Case?

When choosing your defense team, it is important to remember that not all criminal defense lawyers are equal in experience, legal knowledge or talent. When you choose Zegas Law, you can expect:

  • Exceptional legal advocacy that stems from education, hard work and decades of hands-on experience navigating the New Jersey court system,
  • A lawyer with detailed knowledge of the court procedures and rules in New Jersey Municipal, Superior, federal and appellate court,
  • A lawyer who is accessible and available to answer all questions you have about your case,
  • Comprehensive explanations of the potential consequences of choosing any course of action in your defense,
  • A meticulous, detail-oriented lawyer who leaves no stone unturned in building the strongest defense possible in your case.

Speak with the Seasoned Criminal Defense Lawyers at Zegas Law Today if You Face Criminal Charges in Essex County, NJ

At Zegas Law, we have devoted our practice to successfully helping clients like you put criminal charges behind them.  If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation, call or contact our office today to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your case.

About the Essex County, NJ Area

Essex County is located in northeastern New Jersey and, as of 2018, has a population of nearly 800,000 residents.  The county seat of Essex County is Newark, which is the most highly populated city in New Jersey. Despite this, the population of Essex County has actually declined in recent years, making it only the third most highly populated county in New Jersey.  However, the population density of Essex County is extremely high—as the second most population-dense county in the state, it comes in only behind Hudson County.

Today, Essex County’s population is divided between less wealthy and densely populated cities and well-off suburban communities.  The western neighborhoods in Essex County tend to be much more wealthy than the eastern areas, which are much more urban in character.

Frequently Asked Questions About Essex County, NJ Criminal Defense

FAQ: If I am convicted of a crime in New Jersey, how long will I have a criminal record?  

Forever, unless you take specific action to have your record expunged (or cleared).  Some crimes, like homicide, sexual assault and other types of especially violent crimes, can never be expunged (or removed) from your criminal record in New Jersey.

FAQ: Can I go to court without a lawyer or use a public defender?  

Yes.  Technically, you do not have to retain a lawyer and can use the public defender if you qualify based on the applicable financial tests.  However, public defenders are usually overworked and underpaid. This means that, despite their best efforts, they may not be able to give your case the time and dedication necessary to secure the best possible result.  At Zegas Law, every case we take on matters. We have the resources necessary to build the strongest defense possible to give you the greatest odds of a successful resolution.

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