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Somerville Criminal Defense Lawyers

Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyers Advocate for Clients’ Rights in Somerville and Across Somerset County, NJ

When you have been accused of committing a crime, no asset can be greater than a skilled lawyer.  Most clients who have been arrested or learned that they are under investigation have a number of important questions:

  • Will I go to jail?
  • Will I lose my job?
  • What will happen to my family?

At Zegas Law, we are here to answer these questions and more.  We have decades of experience providing effective criminal defense for clients in Somerville and throughout Somerset County, NJ.  We are one of the leading criminal defense law firms in New Jersey, with recognition spanning from our top AV-rating to consistent recognition among New Jersey Super Lawyers.

To learn more about our law firm, you can schedule a completely confidential consultation with our experienced Somerville, NJ criminal defense lawyers.  Taking swift action to begin building your criminal defense can be critical to a successful outcome. Call us today or contact us online so that we can begin to help in your case.  We represent clients in Somerville and across Somerset County, NJ.

No Criminal Defense Too Complex for Our Experienced Somerville, NJ Lawyers

At Zegas Law, no case is too complex or too simple for our experienced criminal defense lawyers.  We give every client the attention they need for an effective defense, which always means thoroughly investigating the case against them and meticulously researching the law.  Our law firm handles all types of criminal defense cases in Somerville, including:

If you suspect that a case against you was decided incorrectly and want to continue fighting to protect your rights, we also have the experience necessary to handle appeals both at the New Jersey state and federal level.  We can also help you expunge a prior arrest or certain criminal convictions from your record to give you a clean slate.

Top-Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers Committed to Building Effective Defense Strategies for Clients in Somerville, NJ

Generally, alleged violations of New Jersey criminal laws are handled in state courts in Somerset County and across the state.  However, some crimes have federal aspects that might lead to federal charges being brought against you—including offenses such as tax evasion, money laundering and child pornography.  Whether your case is heard in New Jersey Superior Court, Municipal Court or federal court, our lawyers will:

  • Help you through every aspect of your case, from arrest through to trial,
  • Conduct a thorough investigation into your case, including obtaining and analyzing all evidence and interviewing witnesses to get ahead of the prosecution,
  • Negotiate tenaciously with the prosecution to obtain a dismissal or reduced charges if advisable in your case,
  • Advocate zealously on your behalf at trial—our primary focus being to secure our number one goal of a “not guilty” verdict.

At Zegas Law, our lawyers are equipped to successfully protect your rights regardless of where your case is heard.  We are familiar with the prosecutors, law enforcement and even many of the judges who may preside over your case—as well as the Somerset County criminal justice process as a whole. 

Schedule Your Confidential Case Review with Our Battle-Tested Somerville, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

After handling some of the most prominent criminal cases in the area, our criminal defense lawyers are always prepared to advocate vigorously for our clients at trial.  Unlike with other firms, you will never face pressure to accept a plea bargain just to make your case go away. When you choose Zegas Law, you can rest assured that we will be at your side every step of the way.

To schedule a confidential consultation, call our firm as soon as possible or fill out this online contact form.

About Somerville, NJ

Somerville is the county seat of Somerset County, New Jersey, located about 60 miles north of Philadelphia.  The downtown district in Somerville, which retains most of its historical buildings, functions as the downtown shopping and dining area for many Somerset County residents.  Although the population has remained steady in recent years, damage caused by Hurricane Floyd in 1999 had a significant impact on Somerville. Redevelopment projects include building a new shopping center, townhomes and other amenities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense Options in Somerville, NJ

FAQ: The police have already contacted me about an investigation. Should I speak to them?

No. While you should be polite and calm, you should always contact an experienced criminal defense attorney before agreeing to speak with the police. It is important to remember the following:

-The police may not be interested in taking your whole story into account—they are likely interested only in any information that can be used to implicate you in a crime, as investigations are costly and everyone involved is usually under pressure to produce results in the form of an arrest,
-You have a constitutional right to remain silent to avoid implicating yourself in a crime and you have the right to an attorney,
-Asking to speak with an attorney first is in no way an admission of guilt and cannot be used against you,
-Even if you are not a suspect in a crime, remember that the law enforcement officials who will question you are highly trained in getting information from their subjects—you may implicate yourself in a crime even if you were not previously the suspect.

FAQ: Do the police have to read my Miranda rights? Can my case be dismissed if they arrest me without reading my rights?

Miranda readings are important because they provide individuals with information about their right to remain silent and speak to an attorney, of course. However, unlike on TV, your case will not be thrown out merely because the police failed to read you your rights. Miranda warnings are important with respect to your interrogation and to protect against coercive action by the police, not your arrest and prosecution generally. If you are under police custody and the police fail to read you your rights, we can argue that any statements that you make should be thrown out. This, in turn, can weaken the prosecution’s case in the long run.

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