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Morristown Criminal Defense Lawyers

Leading Criminal Defense Lawyers Put Decades of Legal Skill to Work for Clients in Morristown, NJ

Your lawyer is your first line of defense when dealing with law enforcement and the prosecution in a criminal case.  At Zegas Law, our experienced criminal defense lawyers know how overwhelming the legal process can be. We are committed to calming your fears about the Morris County criminal system by keeping you informed about every aspect of your case as it proceeds. 

Whether you are currently in custody or have learned you are under investigation, retaining a skilled and respected criminal defense lawyer should be your top priority. At Zegas Law, our criminal defense lawyers handle your case with discretion and skill that has been tested over decades of legal practice.  To learn more, call our office or contact us online today. 

Top-Rated Morristown, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers Committed to Vigorous Advocacy in Every Criminal Defense Case We Handle

At Zegas Law, our top-rated criminal defense lawyers have a strong proven track record of success in Morristown and throughout Morris County.  Our in-depth knowledge of the law and meticulous attention to detail have led us to successfully help thousands of clients in criminal matters across New Jersey, including those accused of:

Our skilled criminal defense lawyers explore every option to get the best outcome in your case.  This may include applying for diversionary programs in Morris County, such as:

  • Pre-trial intervention,
  • Conditional dismissal, or
  • Conditional discharge. 

For qualifying first-time offenders, completing one of these programs can eliminate the criminal prosecution completely.

At Zegas Law, our Morristown, NJ criminal defense lawyers treat your case seriously regardless of the degree of crime charged.  We devote our full skills to your case whether you have been arrested on DUI/DWI charges or are being investigated for securities fraud.  To discuss options in your specific case, call our office to schedule a free and confidential consultation.  

We Handle Your Morristown Criminal Defense as if it Were Our Own

When you’ve been accused of a crime, we know the stakes are high.  We have already helped thousands of clients navigate the criminal justice system in Morris County and are prepared to advocate forcefully on your behalf.

Because of our specialized focus on criminal defense and decades of experience, we can offer insight into your case that many other law firms cannot.  We know the ins and outs of:

  • The elements of the law that must be proven to convict,
  • The types of courts and court procedures that may be involved in your case (for example, federal court rules in New Jersey differ from procedures that apply in state courts),
  • Strategies that the prosecution may use in your case,
  • The way judges and juries think about the evidence they are called upon to hear.

Most clients accused of crimes have substantial questions about what will happen next in their case.  The short answer is that the exact process can vary widely depending upon the type of crime and the court involved. Depending upon the allegations, the steps involved in your Morristown criminal case may include:

  • Arrest and intake, which may occur at the scene of the alleged crime or pursuant to a warrant resulting from a complaint or grand jury indictment,
  • Bail must generally be set within 12 hours of your arrest,
  • Grand jury indictment, where your case will be presented to a jury who will hear evidence and vote whether to dismiss or proceed with your case,
  • Pre-arraignment conferences and arraignment (within 50 days of indictment by a grand jury), where you will be presented with evidence and determine whether to plead guilty or not guilty (pre-trial intervention may also be requested at this phase),
  • Discovery, where the state produces the evidence against you for your lawyer’s examination and analysis,
  • Plea bargaining phase, where the prosecution may offer reduced charges to avoid trial in exchange for a guilty plea,
  • Pre-trial conferences, where your criminal defense lawyers will meet with the prosecution and negotiate on your behalf,
  • Trial, which may be held before a judge or jury and can result in a verdict of not guilty, guilty or a mistrial.

At Zegas Law, our criminal defense lawyers have effectively handled some of the most high-profile cases in recent decades.  We know that every case is unique. Based on the specific allegations in your case, we will let you know what to expect at the outset and as your case unfolds.  To learn more about what might happen in your specific case, call our office today. 

Contact a Hard-Hitting Criminal Defense Lawyer in Morristown, NJ for a Free Case Evaluation Today

A strong legal defense is your best offense in any criminal matter.  At Zegas Law, we put decades of experience to work to provide the strongest criminal defense possible.  Schedule a free and confidential case evaluation with our respected criminal defense lawyers in Morristown, NJ today.

About Morristown, NJ

Morristown is the county seat of Morris County, New Jersey.  Known for the important part it played in the American Revolution, Morristown is rich with history and home to the Morristown National Historical Park, which boasts around 25 miles of hiking trails.  Both Revolutionary War and Civil War monuments can be found in Morristown Green, the park at the center of town that functions as a modern shopping and dining area and is also home to historic churches and even a historic county courthouse.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense Topics in Morristown, NJ

FAQ: What is a disorderly persons offense?

In Morris County and across New Jersey, crimes are categorized as disorderly persons offenses or indictable crimes. A disorderly persons offense is similar to a misdemeanor offense in other states. Disorderly persons offenses are those that cannot result in a fine of greater than $1,000 or more than six months in county jail.

FAQ: Is it better to go to trial in a criminal case or settle for a plea?

The unsatisfactory answer is, it depends. At Zegas Law, we operate based on the principle that we will take every case to trial and advocate vigorously for a not guilty verdict if it is not possible to have the charges dismissed without trial. However, some clients would prefer to agree to reduced charges in exchange for less serious penalties because the plea provides certainty.

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