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Hackensack, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hard-Hitting Criminal Defense Lawyer Represents Clients Accused of Crimes in Hackensack and Across New Jersey

Criminal offenses are categorized as either indictable crimes or disorderly persons offenses in Hackensack and throughout New Jersey.  Classification as one or the other generally depends upon the severity of the penalties that may attach. The court can usually only order you to serve up to six months in jail if convicted on disorderly persons offense charges, where felony-level offenses carry much more serious jail time.  Regardless of the level of crime you have been accused of committing, you need the best lawyer by your side to fight the charges.

At Zegas Law, our top-rated Hackensack criminal defense lawyers have developed a well-respected practice founded upon decades of effectively helping clients beat criminal charges.  While we are always prepared to fight for our clients’ rights at trial, we also use our substantial experience and knowledge of the legal system to get charges dropped wherever possible without trial.

A criminal conviction can have life-changing implications.  A conviction can destroy your personal relationships and damage your career—in addition to the potential for prison, financial penalties, and an ongoing criminal record.  Our lawyers are prepared to do everything needed to defend your rights and fight the charges against you.

To learn more about our practice, schedule a confidential consultation with a skilled Hackensack criminal defense lawyer by filling out this online contact form or calling our office.

No Criminal Charge Too Complex for Our Skilled Hackensack, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients in Hackensack and across New Jersey.  We defend charges ranging from disorderly persons offenses to serious indictable charges and even federal crimes.  Examples of the charges our firm handles include:

When faced with criminal charges, you have to be able to trust your defense lawyer with the most sensitive information you have—in effect, you are putting your future in their hands.  At Zegas Law, we take this responsibility extremely seriously. We know what is at stake for you and we put in the hard work needed to minimize the potential harm a conviction can cause.

How Our Talented Hackensack Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help in Your Case

Handling criminal charges on your own is never a good idea.  Even if you do have experience navigating the New Jersey criminal justice system, you will be emotionally vested in the results of your case and may not make the most strategic decisions to get the best available outcome. 

Our lawyers have helped countless clients in situations similar to yours.  We have been recognized for excellence by our peers in the community and our satisfied clients.  We are even asked to act as legal experts by respected news outlets like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

When you choose Zegas Law, you can rest assured that our criminal defense team will:

  • Use our experience and knowledge of the criminal justice process to work behind the scenes to get your charges dropped or reduced,
  • Meticulously investigate and research your case—we never rely only upon the evidence given to us by the prosecution,
  • Work to determine how the prosecution obtained the evidence used to build the case against you and fight to have evidence that was obtained illegally in violation of your rights thrown out,
  • Advocate on your behalf through the hearings that precede trial, fighting to have you released on your own recognizance or for reasonable bail while your case is pending,
  • Use our contacts and reputation to mitigate damage to your reputation caused by a publicized criminal case,
  • Make sure you know what is happening as your case proceeds through the legal system, which includes presenting all options of a lighter charge offered by the prosecution,
  • Build the most compelling case in your defense possible, with the aim of achieving a not guilty verdict if at all possible through aggressive advocacy at trial if needed.

Call Zegas Law Today to Schedule a Confidential Consultation with a Respected Hackensack Criminal Defense Lawyer

When choosing your criminal defense lawyer, experience really does matter.  So do resources and reputation. Your criminal defense lawyer should have both the bandwidth needed to see your case through to a verdict without pressuring you to accept a guilty plea to reduce their caseload. 

At Zegas Law, the goal is always obtaining a not guilty verdict if it is not possible to have your charges dropped without trial.  Call our office or fill out this online contact form to schedule a confidential consultation with a respected Hackensack criminal defense lawyer today.

About Hackensack, New Jersey

Hackensack is the county seat of Bergen County, New Jersey, about 12 miles from midtown Manhattan.  Hackensack is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the area in terms of land use, with high rise apartment complexes, single family homes on large, stately plots of land, industrial neighborhoods, office districts and parks and nature preserves.  

Hackensack is also home to the Bergen County jail and the Bergen County courthouse.  Most indictable felony-level crimes in Hackensack are heard in the Bergen County Superior Court.  Lower level disorderly persons offenses and municipal violations are heard in the Municipal Court of Hackensack.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense Options for Clients in Hackensack, NJ

FAQ: How much will it cost to get a good criminal defense lawyer in Hackensack?

At Zegas Law, we offer a free consultation so that we can discuss issues like this. The cost of your criminal defense will depend heavily upon the type of criminal charges you are facing—there is no “one size fits all” approach, as a good criminal defense must be individually tailored to the facts of your case.

FAQ: I was arrested, but I don’t know what type of evidence they have against me. Do I really need to call a lawyer right away?

Yes. Not only can our criminal defense lawyers discover the evidence that law enforcement has to support the arrest, but we can fight to get you released from jail as soon as possible. The more quickly we are able to go to work investigating your case, the more effectively we can mitigate the damage of the arrest and any criminal charges.

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