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Penalty For First-Time Drug Offenders in New Jersey

Were you arrested for drug possession in Summit, NJ? Call Zegas Law for a consultation. A large percentage of the people who receive drug charges in New Jersey are first-time offenders. A first-time offense is unique in a few ways because without a prior criminal record, you may have more options available to negotiate a lower sentence. There are also…
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What You Need to Know About First-Time Theft Charges in New Jersey

If you are charged for a first-time shoplifting misdemeanor with no criminal background, it’s likely you won’t face jail time but it will make a difference for your record.  A history of theft on your record may seriously affect your job prospects because it is a crime of dishonesty. Although you may not face harsh penalties for your crime, the…
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What To Do If Your Child is Charged With A Sex Crime

As a parent, it is terrifying to think of your child becoming a registered sex offender. When juveniles engage in sexual misconduct they become at risk of being convicted of a felony, which requires them to register on the sex offender list under Megan’s Law. Based on the severity of the conviction, there are a few possible outcomes.  The Penalties…
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Tier 1 of Megan’s Law Involves Sexual Crimes Involving Minors

If you live in New Jersey, you might have heard about Megan’s Law. Megan’s Law is a law that requires local police authorities to inform communities of convicted sex offenders in their local area. Tier 1 of Megan’s Law includes any offense that involves a minor, among other factors. Continue reading to learn more. Understanding Tier 1 of Megan’s Law…
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Don’t Let a DUI Ruin Your St. Paddy’s Day

Before you head out and celebrate one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year at your favorite New Jersey pub, think about how you will celebrate safely. St. Patrick’s Day is not only one of the largest drinking days of the year, but it also leads to a higher number of drunk driving car accidents and DUIs. Know New…
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