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What is Wire Fraud?

You have likely heard of a federal crime known as wire fraud, as it happens on many of the movies we love to watch and in our favorite novels. However, wire fraud does not just encompass one crime but multiple types of crimes. Wire fraud is a broad type of charge and includes any type of scam that takes place…
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NJ Officials Release 1,000 Inmates During Coronavirus Pandemic

As we approach the end of March, cases of coronavirus in America have skyrocketed above any other country in the world. Areas like New York and New Jersey have been facing so many cases that the President briefly considered imposing an enforceable quarantine in our states. President Trump decided not to take such action at this time, but there are…
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What Are Federal Drug Crimes?

Drug offenses committed in New Jersey are seen as both state and federal drug crimes. Ending up in the federal court system might sound like a scary concept, but it is possible if you have committed a crime such as drug possession, distribution, trafficking, or even manufacturing. Federal drug crimes are seen as more severe and can come with much…
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How to Tell If You Are Dealing with a Criminal Case

Someone who is facing criminal charges might quickly try to work out a deal with the prosecution to avoid a lengthy and tiring legal battle. While this may work for some, it is not always the most sensible option to consider. It is often better for a criminal defendant to hire a criminal defense lawyer to oversee the situation and…
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Rideshare Driver Accused of Sexual Assault in New Jersey

A New Jersey man and part-time rideshare driver, Julio Mejia, has recently been accused of and charged with committing sexual assault against a child. The child, who happens to be the alleged victim, was apparently a passenger inside the vehicle that Mejia was driving. He was recently arrested for these alleged crimes, but it is believed that the sexual assault…
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