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Newark Ex-Con Sentenced to 7.5 Years in Prison

Newark police recently arrested an ex-convict after surveilling him during drug transactions, seizing a massive quantity of narcotics in his possession. Pursuant to a plea deal, the individual will be serving over seven years in prison followed by supervised release.  Convict Arrested While Under Surveillance for Drug Dealing Terrance Bradley, 28, was sentenced to seven and a half years in…
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2 NJ Cops Plead Guilty to Vandalizing Cars of Man Who Filed Complaint Against Them

Asbury Park police officers Stephen Martinsen and Thomas Dowling recently pled guilty to vandalizing vehicles owned by an individual who had filed a complaint against them.  Asbury Park Police Officers Admit to Damaging Vehicle in Retaliation for Internal Affairs Complaint Martinsen, 31, and Dowling, 27, admitted in court to slashing the tires of two vehicles and smashing the window of…
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How Does PTI Work in NJ?

The pre-trial intervention program (PTI) is a New Jersey program that gives first-time offenders the opportunity to seek other consequences in lieu of jail time. This program was designed to provide certain offenders with the opportunity to rehabilitate in an attempt to reduce criminal behaviors and prevent a crime from ruining the rest of their life. The pretrial intervention program…
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What Makes a Drug Charge a Federal Offense?

Drug charges in New Jersey are a serious offense. In addition to the potential for a criminal record, you could also face jail time. Federal charges can have even more significant legal consequences including potential prison time and a permanent criminal record, which can affect your ability to vote or pursue certain careers. Types of Federal Drug Charges You might…
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The Arrest Process & Your Rights

You were arrested and taken into the local county jail. If you were wrongly accused of a crime or you were not given a warrant at the time of the arrest, then it is possible that your constitutional rights weren’t protected. It is important to understand what the criminal arrest process entails and what your rights are with each step…
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