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What To Expect If You Are Found Guilty Of A Cybercrime

If you were arrested for a cybercrime in Summit, NJ, call Zegas Law for a criminal defense consultation. Some crimes occur virtually. This is also referred to as a cybercrime and if charged, could lead to some of the same consequences as a violent crime. What is a Cybercrime? A cybercrime is an illegal activity that occurs on the computer,…
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Penalty For First-Time Drug Offenders in New Jersey

Were you arrested for drug possession in Summit, NJ? Call Zegas Law for a consultation. A large percentage of the people who receive drug charges in New Jersey are first-time offenders. A first-time offense is unique in a few ways because without a prior criminal record, you may have more options available to negotiate a lower sentence. There are also…
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What You Need to Know About First-Time Theft Charges in New Jersey

If you are charged for a first-time shoplifting misdemeanor with no criminal background, it’s likely you won’t face jail time but it will make a difference for your record.  A history of theft on your record may seriously affect your job prospects because it is a crime of dishonesty. Although you may not face harsh penalties for your crime, the…
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What To Do If Your Child is Charged With A Sex Crime

As a parent, it is terrifying to think of your child becoming a registered sex offender. When juveniles engage in sexual misconduct they become at risk of being convicted of a felony, which requires them to register on the sex offender list under Megan’s Law. Based on the severity of the conviction, there are a few possible outcomes.  The Penalties…
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Tier 1 of Megan’s Law Involves Sexual Crimes Involving Minors

If you live in New Jersey, you might have heard about Megan’s Law. Megan’s Law is a law that requires local police authorities to inform communities of convicted sex offenders in their local area. Tier 1 of Megan’s Law includes any offense that involves a minor, among other factors. Continue reading to learn more. Understanding Tier 1 of Megan’s Law…
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