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Can I Appeal a Criminal Conviction in New Jersey?

Dealing with criminal charges can be life-changing. Being convicted of a crime can result in jail time and expensive legal fines. Your permanent record from a criminal charge can also make it difficult to find employment, even after you have completed jail time and already paid your fines.  Fortunately, even if you receive a criminal conviction, the state of New…
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Penalties for Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud carries with it expensive fines and the potential for jail time. Home buyers and sellers, as well as mortgage industry professionals, can all be guilty of mortgage fraud. Fraud charges can range from a misdemeanor to felony charges. If you are facing charges, there are many reasons to consider professional legal representation. What is Mortgage Fraud? Mortgage fraud…
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What Are the Punishments for Credit Card Fraud?

Credit cards are a staple of the American economy. Nearly all Americans have at least one card in their name, and they are used to make millions of purchases every single day. With the evolution of technology including instant electronic transfers and online retail, these cards have become a popular target for identity theft and fraudulent purchases. Credit card fraud…
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Coronavirus and Terroristic Threats: When is Coughing a Crime?

As America battles the COVID-19 pandemic, we are confronting both logistical and legal issues that we never could have imagined. Recently, a Freehold man named George Falcone was arrested for terroristic threats after purposely coughing on a grocery store employee while claiming to be a carrier of the deadly virus, and now faces charges of making terroristic threats. When you…
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Drug Distribution Charges in NJ

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding drug laws over the past several years. New Jersey state has made major changes to its stance on marijuana, yet the federal government hasn’t budged on theirs. With that in mind, you can still get arrested and charged for possessing marijuana in New Jersey. You can also get hit with drug distribution charges…
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