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What Makes Assault and Battery Different From One Another?

Steps NJ Residents Should Take After Being Charged With Assault or Battery When you hear of assault and battery, you may think these are the same crime that is committed against others. However, there are some differences between assault and battery that you should know about ahead of time. Both types of charges may be brought up in civil lawsuits…
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White Collar Crimes Explained

White Collar Crimes in New Jersey Criminal charges often get divided into two categories: blue and white collar crimes. This guide will assist you in understanding the differences, as well as what your legal options are after receiving a white collar crime charge. What is a White Collar Crime? A white collar crime is considered a professional or corporate crime.…
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How Can a Felony Conviction Affect My Career?

The Impact of a Felony Conviction in NJ Potential jail time is not the only risk that comes with a felony. If you are convicted of a felony, not only could you spend time in jail, but you could also lose your career. It doesn’t matter if you are working toward a career or you have already developed years of…
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Ignition Interlock Systems for 2020 in NJ

New Laws Regarding First-Time DUI Offenders Do license suspensions really prevent drunk driving? Experts in New Jersey aren’t so sure the method is effective, and advocacy groups have been pushing lawmakers to consider a new technology in place of license suspensions. After significant debate, New Jersey representatives have decided to try this new technology and change DUI laws in the…
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Should Marijuana Be Legalized in NJ? Cast Your Vote in 2020

The Vote on Marijuana Is it 4:20 yet? It’s not in New Jersey! Recently, the state’s Senate had a groundbreaking vote that attempted to legalize marijuana, but the measure fell short when not enough votes were cast in favor of legalization. That won’t stop the determined Governor Phil Murphy, though. Now, lawmakers in New Jersey have hatched a new plan…
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