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Penalties for Identity Theft in NJ

New Jersey takes identity theft seriously. This means that if you are convicted, you could receive required jail time and expensive fines. What is Identity Theft? Identity theft is when a person steals the identity of another person. This may include stealing information like: Legal nameDriver’s license ID numberCredit card numberVisa number Stealing this information is usually done with the…
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How to Defend Against Your DWI in New Jersey

Were you recently pulled over and charged with driving while intoxicated in New Jersey? The steps you take now until your court date will make a difference in how much you pay, and how these charges affect your future. Is It Possible to Get a DWI Dismissed in New Jersey? One of the most common legal defenses, a motion to…
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Consequences of Assault Charges in New Jersey

If you were arrested for assault in NJ, call the Summit criminal defense lawyers at Zegas Law for help. Assault charges in New Jersey can’t be taken lightly. An assault conviction can lead to jail time and a permanent record. Assault Charges in New Jersey If you are dealing with assault charges in New Jersey, your specific charges may vary…
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Consequences of Second Offense DUIs in New Jersey

If you were arrested for a DUI in Summit, NJ call the DUI defense lawyers at Zegas Law for a consultation. Some charges, including DUIs, have heightened legal consequences if you have received charges previously. If you are dealing with a second DUI, it is important to consider your options. What Is a DUI In New Jersey? A DUI, or…
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What To Expect If You Are Found Guilty Of A Cybercrime

If you were arrested for a cybercrime in Summit, NJ, call Zegas Law for a criminal defense consultation. Some crimes occur virtually. This is also referred to as a cybercrime and if charged, could lead to some of the same consequences as a violent crime. What is a Cybercrime? A cybercrime is an illegal activity that occurs on the computer,…
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