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Coronavirus and Terroristic Threats: When is Coughing a Crime?

As America battles the COVID-19 pandemic, we are confronting both logistical and legal issues that we never could have imagined. Recently, a Freehold man named George Falcone was arrested for terroristic threats after purposely coughing on a grocery store employee while claiming to be a carrier of the deadly virus, and now faces charges of making terroristic threats. When you…
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Drug Distribution Charges in NJ

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding drug laws over the past several years. New Jersey state has made major changes to its stance on marijuana, yet the federal government hasn’t budged on theirs. With that in mind, you can still get arrested and charged for possessing marijuana in New Jersey. You can also get hit with drug distribution charges…
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Cyber Crime Charges in New Jersey

Remember when the answers to everything weren’t found on Google? Back in the day, it could take weeks or even years to research a problem and find the answer. Today, nearly everything has moved to an online and digital space. Due to the rapid rise of technology, lawmakers have been forced to define a wide variety of computer actions as…
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What is Wire Fraud?

You have likely heard of a federal crime known as wire fraud, as it happens on many of the movies we love to watch and in our favorite novels. However, wire fraud does not just encompass one crime but multiple types of crimes. Wire fraud is a broad type of charge and includes any type of scam that takes place…
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NJ Officials Release 1,000 Inmates During Coronavirus Pandemic

As we approach the end of March, cases of coronavirus in America have skyrocketed above any other country in the world. Areas like New York and New Jersey have been facing so many cases that the President briefly considered imposing an enforceable quarantine in our states. President Trump decided not to take such action at this time, but there are…
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