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Should Marijuana Be Legalized in NJ? Cast Your Vote in 2020

The Vote on Marijuana

Is it 4:20 yet? It’s not in New Jersey!

Recently, the state’s Senate had a groundbreaking vote that attempted to legalize marijuana, but the measure fell short when not enough votes were cast in favor of legalization. That won’t stop the determined Governor Phil Murphy, though.

Now, lawmakers in New Jersey have hatched a new plan to push through the legalization of marijuana. Are you interested in learning more? Find out all the details below.

Will You be Voting in 2020?

If you were let down by the Senate’s failure to vote in favor, then you’ll have an opportunity to have your voice heard next November. Legislators in New Jersey are excited to announce that the controversial issue of marijuana legislation will be up to citizens. The vote will take place in 2020.

Voters are set to decide whether or not marijuana should be illegal at the state level. Votes in favor will be casting their ballot for amending New Jersey’s state constitution. The amendment would decriminalize marijuana use by all citizens who are 21 and older. That means that users won’t need to seek out any kind of medical license to legally smoke.

The Federal Government’s Stance on Marijuana

As it stands, marijuana is still illegal on the federal level. The Controlled Substances Act describes marijuana as both addictive and dangerous. Despite that, there’s been a huge push to remove marijuana from the act. The federal House Judiciary Committee just recently passed a bill that would take marijuana out of the Controlled Substances Act, which would ultimately decriminalize it. The bill is currently on its way to the Senate.

Can I Use Public Opinion as a Defense?

These new bills, laws and votes all demonstrate the overwhelming support for allowing marijuana users to legally carry the substance. With that in mind, many individuals arrested for drug crimes attempt to use these facts as a defense strategy after they’ve been arrested for a drug crime.

It’s advised that you don’t attempt this.

Courtrooms and judges must follow the current laws, even when public opinion differs. Using the current sentiment won’t convince a judge to throw out your charges.

Instead, it’s recommended that you work with an attorney in your area who can help you build a successful defense strategy.

Contact an Experienced Summit Drug Defense Attorney About Your Marijuana Drug Crime Charges in New Jersey

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