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NJ Resident Charged with Human Trafficking a Minor


Human trafficking is a serious crime that works by capturing men, women and children for sexual exploitation. Human trafficking victims, often minors, are held captive and are unable to tell anyone about their position. Those who commit acts of human trafficking treat their victims as if they are a commodity and not a human being. It is very sad that there are so many cases of human trafficking today. The effects of human trafficking on the victim and a community are devastating. In New Jersey, a 40 year old Trenton man was arrested for trafficking a 16 year old girl. 

Trenton Man Arrested

Ronald D. Harris, of New Jersey, was charged with human trafficking after it was discovered that he was prostituting a 16 year old girl out of a Trenton hotel. Harris was arrested at his residence by New Jersey State Police and was charged with:

  • 1st degree Human Trafficking 
  • 2nd degree Facilitating Human Trafficking 
  • 1st degree Promoting Organized Street Crime 
  • 1st degree Promoting Prostitution of a Minor 

Authorities say Harris was arrested by the New Jersey State Police and he will be prosecuted by the Division of Criminal Justice Human Trafficking Unit. Before the trafficking charge, Harris was being investigated by the New Jersey State Police and the Trenton, Hamilton and Ewing police departments. 

The Investigation

The first investigation into Harris’s whereabouts led to arrest for a weapons charge. In July of 2020, the Trenton police force and New Jersey Police led a joint sting operation that led to Harris’ arrest. In Trenton, police officers put on their emergency lights in an attempt to stop Harris, however he drove off. In a dramatic scene, Harris tried to flee the police before hitting an unmarked police car, blowing through a red light and ultimately crashing into a taxi going 80 mph. According to police, Harris also had a black duffle bag that contained three handguns, two of which had illegal large-capacity magazines in his possession. Police say he was charged with possession of a weapon as a convicted felon, along with countless others. Harris was charged with various traffic violations, eluding and resisting arrest from law enforcement. 

A minor was with Harris on the night of his arrest. Law enforcement determined that the minor was previously reported missing and was a victim of prostitution. The minor gave a statement to police saying that Harris had rented a room in a Trenton hotel for her to engage in sexual acts. Additionally, police found text messages that show Harris promoting her for prostitution and demanding more money for specific sexual jobs that she would perform.

Human trafficking of a minor is a serious charge that should be handled by an experienced attorney. It is definitely worth finding a lawyer who will defend your case and represent you in court.

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