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NJ Officials Release 1,000 Inmates During Coronavirus Pandemic

As we approach the end of March, cases of coronavirus in America have skyrocketed above any other country in the world. Areas like New York and New Jersey have been facing so many cases that the President briefly considered imposing an enforceable quarantine in our states.

President Trump decided not to take such action at this time, but there are other important measures being taken to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from spiraling out of control in our state. Over the past several days, New Jersey jails have released hundreds of inmates.

Why Is New Jersey Releasing Prisoners?

The coronavirus pandemic is causing our state to take some unprecedented measures including releasing hundreds of inmates from jail. The reason why the state has made this decision is because the Covid-19 virus could potentially become an outbreak in prisons.

New Jersey’s prisons are already overcrowded, and they’re very unprepared to handle a medical crisis like Covid-19. Releasing inmates will help protect the health of everyone who is currently incarcerated and those who are serving as correctional staff members.

Officials have decided to release individuals who do not pose a risk to their communities. Those individuals who do get released aren’t completely off the hook, though. Their current jail sentences will be shortened as a condition of release onto probation.

Once the crisis passes, their sentences will be restarted, but they might not go directly back to jail. They’ll likely get time served as they wait for the coronavirus crisis to pass. Judges will have the discretion to either order the former inmates to return to jail or give them credit for serving time at home.

Is Your Loved One Eligible for Release During the Coronavirus Crisis?

Is your loved one currently in jail over a non-violent offense or a low-level offense like a DUI or shoplifting?

If you think your loved one is eligible for release, then you should reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can reach out directly to the appropriate parties and provide you and your family with answers.

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