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How Can An Attorney Help With My DUI/DWI Charges?

What to Expect After a DUI

If you are arrested and charged with a DUI/DWI, you are probably understandably worried. Out of all legal charges, DUIs are structured more like a traffic fine than most others, making people think that all they need to do is follow the court’s instructions and that hiring a lawyer is not necessary. While this might be the case for a few, an experienced attorney can actually have a huge impact on your case’s results. Here are ways that an attorney can help the legal situation with your DUI/DWI charges.

Navigating The Charges

Any legal matter can be complicated, and they often come with court appearances and filing out forms that the average person may not know about. Most importantly, an attorney can be your advocate at the starting point of the process, right after the arrest. If you are arrested and are unsure what to do next, you have the right to call an attorney. A DUI defense attorney will tell you what the next steps are, including what questions to answer and what evidence needs to be collected for your case. Being there with you only helps your attorney to know the circumstances surrounding your arrest and detainment, including possible evidentiary issues that could help your case down the line.

Challenging The Evidence

When it comes to DUI charges, an attorney also has the expert knowledge of what evidence the prosecutor needs to prove their case and how to find any issues with its collection. If your attorney can spot a problem, they might be able to successfully have an important piece of evidence excluded, leading to reduced charges or even dismissal outright. Whether its a breathalyzer, a field sobriety test, a blood test, or the arrest itself, an experienced attorney knows to look for errors made by the police or the prosecutor and can significantly affect the outcome of your case.

Negotiation And Avoiding A Conviction

One of the most common and important ways an attorney can help you is through negotiation with local prosecutors. It may be possible for your attorney talk a prosecutor into lesser charges or penalties through careful negotiation. This can mean not paying as much in fines or even avoiding jail time. This may be one of the important things if your DUI/DWI arrest comes in conjunction with other charges, such as reckless driving, or even something as serious as vehicular homicide. 

Hiring The Right Attorney

At the end of the day, you need to hire an attorney that you can trust, and one that will give you a frank and honest answer on if you have a good chance to beat or reduce your charges. Most New Jersey DUI attorneys offer a free consultation, and a lot of them have numbers you can call 24/7 in case you need someone. You do have the right to an attorney, so if you are at all unsure of how to proceed in these situations, ask for help.

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