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Don’t Let a DUI Ruin Your St. Paddy’s Day

Don't Let a DUI Ruin Your St. Paddy's Day

Before you head out and celebrate one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year at your favorite New Jersey pub, think about how you will celebrate safely. St. Patrick’s Day is not only one of the largest drinking days of the year, but it also leads to a higher number of drunk driving car accidents and DUIs.

Know New Jersey’s DUI Laws

In New Jersey, the legal BAC limit is 0.08%. If you are measured above this limit, you could be met with:

  • Jail time
  • Legal fines
  • Suspended license
  • Expensive fines

Multiple DUI offenses or BACs with high limits can lead to even harsher legal sentencing in New Jersey. Additionally, if your driver’s license is suspended, you may be required to install an ignition interlock system when getting your license back.

These are just the legal consequences of a DUI. A DUI on your record can also make it difficult to maintain or find employment. With expensive legal fines and time off work, it can also put you in a difficult financial place.

Be Smart This St. Patrick’s Day

The consequences that come with a DUI in New Jersey are not worth it. But, you can still enjoy your celebrations by planning ahead with the following tips:

  • Schedule transportation ahead of time: By scheduling transportation ahead of time, you will be less tempted to consider getting behind the wheel.
  • Know your drinking limit: Knowing your drinking limit and how food intake affects it, can help you gauge your ability to drive and whether you are over the limit.
  • Avoid going out: Staying home and inviting friends over can be a good way to enjoy as much green beer as you want, without having to worry about the consequences.
  • Follow the idea that one drink is too many: Instead of trying to be logical when drinking or trying to measure how many drinks you have had, develop the mindset that one drink is too many. The cost of calling a rideshare, like Uber or Lyft, is usually more affordable than when compared to the costly consequences of a DUI.

Before you head out this St. Patrick’s Day, it is also a good idea to know what to do if you do find yourself in a difficult legal position. Know your rights and call a lawyer as soon as possible.

Your lawyer has the best opportunity of building an effective defense when they have time to do so. The legal consequences of a DUI are too great to ignore. It can not only affect your immediate future but also your employment opportunities.

Dealing with DUI Charges in New Jersey?

If you are dealing with DUI charges in New Jersey, it is important that you reach out to a DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible. A DUI defense lawyer can help you evaluate your legal options and help build a defense on your behalf. They can also help you navigate the often confusing New Jersey legal system.

Contact an Experienced Bergen County Criminal Defense Lawyer About Your DUI Charges in Bergen County

Were you arrested or charged with a DUI in New Jersey? The consequences of a conviction could be severe, leaving you with a permanent criminal record and possibly even sending you to jail. That is why you need to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible about your case. The attorneys at Zegas Law have successfully represented clients charged with DUI in Bergen County, Somerset County, Middlesex County, Morris country, and throughout New Jersey. Call (973) 379-1999 or fill out the online contact form to schedule a consultation with a member of our legal team. We have an office conveniently located at 60 Morris Turnpike, Summit, NJ 07901.

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Disorderly conduct consists of any improper behavior such as fighting, threats of violence, or creating a dangerous atmosphere.

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