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Can I Get Fired Due to a DUI Arrest?

DUI Overview

When you are arrested for driving under the influence, you may face the possibility of losing your license for a temporary period, spending time in jail, and even getting fired from your workplace. There are times when it is possible to lose your job because you were arrested and charged with driving under the influence. We’ll take a look at these below.

The Contract With Your Employer

Some employers will request to have their employees sign a contract that states that they will not drive while under the influence. And, if they do, they can get fired. In some areas, an individual can only get fired from their place of employment if they are convicted of driving under the influence because there are times when DUI charges are dropped.

Working in the Transportation Industry

While some employers may not worry too much about what goes on in your personal life, it is common for employers in the transportation industry to fire employees when they are charged with DUI. The reason is that those working in the transportation industry are held to a certain standard. They are responsible for themselves and for others that are riding in the vehicles with them, such as school buses, public transportation buses, and even limousines that people rent for special occasions. If someone is working in the transportation industry and they get a DUI, their employer may feel like they cannot trust them to follow the rules of the road.

In some instances, a commercial driver’s license is revoked. Someone who has this license to drive large trucks and vehicles would no longer be able to do so as a result of their DUI conviction.

Working Certain Types of Positions

Another reason that some employees can lose their jobs is due to the fact that they are working in certain types of positions and/or industries where the standards are much higher than traditional standards. For example, teachers, daycare workers and caretakers may be fired by their employer when charged with driving under the influence.

The Impact a DUI Can Have on Your Job

Unfortunately, being charged with DUI can have a negative impact on your job. You will likely need to take some time off from work when you need to go to court to fight your case. The outcome of the case could also get in the way of you being able to get to work. If you have your license revoked for several months, you might not have a way to get to your place of employment because of how far it is from your home.

These are just some of the reasons why consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney is so important. When it comes to a DUI conviction, there is so much at stake. An experienced attorney will be able to guide you through the process and help argue and push for a dismissal if the prosecution lacks sufficient evidence against you.

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