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enormously strategic thinker, fearless, compassionate

“Alan Zegas represented me in a high-profile criminal case. He has a brilliant mind, with strong institutional knowledge and an extraordinary command of the law. He was detail oriented, an enormously strategic thinker, fearless, compassionate, personally accessible on a 24/7 basis, and was all in for me. He was always well prepared and often could see things that others did not. Most importantly, he provided an honest and straightforward assessment of the facts. Alan acted entirely in my best interest, without regard to running up billable hours or moving my case into an unwinnable position. He was always kind, but never hesitant to be blunt and forthcoming. He exuded competence and professionalism at every moment throughout the process.”

extremely thorough and meticulous to every detail

“Alan is a master of the art of law, is extremely thorough and meticulous to every detail. He speaks softly but carries a big stick. It is obvious that he is given a great deal of respect in the court room. I knew I was in the best of hands from the get go. For such matters, you need the very best. Alan earned my complete trust. There are a great deal of firms out there with many partners, and associates. Alan is a solo guy, so you know your case is getting his personal attention. As an example, he was always accessible by phone or text. I am grateful for everything he did for me.”

Alan Zegas Brilliant attorney

“Alan Zegas was my attorney in a highly complicated case with the best results I can imagine. Mr. Zegas aggressively defended my interests. He was always available and there and was caring and compassionate. He answered all my questions and concerns He is a strategic thinker, excellent writer and overall an brilliant attorney. I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking representation. Alan Zegas totally cares about you and your case, he is actively communicates with you.”

Alan Zegas is one of the top attorneys in New Jersey and the United States

“Alan Zegas is one of the most intelligent, talented, skilled attorneys in New Jersey and the United States. He has successfully handled high profile criminal and civil matters in many jurisdictions including the federal courts and high level appellate courts. He is a brilliant trial lawyer, eloquent writer and speaker. He is a man of the highest integrity.”

Nationally recognized as one of the finest lawyers

“Alan Zegas is a leader among lawyers. He literally wrote the book on NJ Evidence Rules. He has handled complex matters for me with knowledge, intelligence, strategic thinking, and compassion for me as his client. He frequently argues in the New Jersey Supreme Court and other state Supreme Courts. He frequently teaches about the law. We respect his judgment and advice.”

Alan Zegas is a brilliant lawyer!

“Alan Zegas is an amazing attorney. He has represented me, personally. He has also successfully represented several friends.

Mr. Zegas is such a highly sought after attorney because he is an unrelenting advocate for his clients. Mr. Zegas knows the law and understands how best to represent clients within the framework of both the State and Federal judicial systems.

As an attorney, I know how highly Mr. Zegas is regarded by his peers. As a client, I know Mr. Zegas has a brilliant legal mind which he uses
to effectively advocate on behalf of those he represents. I cannot recommend Mr. Zegas more highly.”

He is THE BEST!!!!

“Mr. Zegas was able to terminate a real estate transaction that was already out of attorney review and get our full deposit back for us! He was amazing! We could not have been happier with his professionalism, communication, and abilities.”




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